The Fuel for PennBilt

The Fuel for PennBilt

The fuel for PennBilt Brand started in the aisles of the Chicago Collective, a bi-annual trade show that has become the most important event in the men’s sportswear industry. Retailers would ask, “Hey Bill, what are you doing now, how’s the family, when are you coming back?” It was the latter that got me thinking hard about a follow up to Bills Khakis and Duck Head. It took me some time to figure out what that would be and what would make it relevant.

PennBilt is based out of Chester County, PA


For the past decade, the 5-Pocket style has driven the casual pant business. Not necessarily in denim, but in performance stretch fabrics. Look around. Bankers go to work wearing them, topped off with a golf shirt, performance quarter zip pullover and a vest. It’s a good look even though I can’t wrap my head around the idea of going to the office looking like you don’t intend to spend much time there (that’s not a good look). I’m humored by the brand with funny ads that sells pants with a brief sewn inside. Sounds good, until you think about wearing the same pair twice. I see one big pile of laundry. Guys love that. 

The opportunity to breathe new life into the khaki/chino category became clear when my 17 year old son told me he won’t wear 5-Pocket chinos because he doesn’t want to dress like a 50 year old golfer. This coming from a kid who has loves golf. When a teenager validates what you’re seeing and hearing from retailers, it’s a good sign your timing is right.

PennBilt Brand lives at the intersection of new and old. We favor naturally grown fibers over petroleum-based textiles. Design features and fit have been reconsidered for 2023 rather than 1945. In November, we soft-launched through a few dozen independent retailers around the country. More will soon follow.  

As we build inventory in early 2023, product will become available at Until then, the site will accept pre-orders and we encourage you to pursue goods with your local retailer. 

Please follow along as we build content on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn @pennbilt
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Thank you for your interest and support!

Bill Thomas

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