PennBilt Runs with the Bulls

PennBilt Runs with the Bulls

Over the years, Bill Thomas’ khakis have gone on a multitude of adventures, covering plenty of miles across our planet.  Khakis are known for exploration, after all, the light-colored tan pants originated from the Persian word khak “dust” or "dust-colored cloth.”  Introduced in 1846 for camouflage purposes, the British military married white pants with a combination of water and tea bags for cavalry uniforms in India.

This is the story of our friend Dylan Francis; world traveler, adventure photographer, talented videographer, and perhaps one of the few millennials who seeks out an experiential profession - rather than selling out to reap more financial reward at a desk job.  Although some of his work focuses on capturing regional events and small business personalities, Dylan is attracted to projects with impact. Dylan has spent significant time working with non-profit groups and indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon.

Photo Credits Lisa Thomas  

Dylan is a frequent visitor at Farmer & Co. in Unionville, Pennsylvania, where PennBilt’s quant office is based.  “Farmer” is a bit of a communal hub, serving exceptional coffee and farm-to-table treats, attracting a bit of a creative crowd.  As it would happen, Bill’s wife Lisa knew Dylan through the photography world and made the introduction.  One day in the spring, Bill and Dylan struck on a conversation regarding Dylan’s summer plans to backpack in Europe and run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.  

Traditional clothing for The Running of the Bulls required a white shirt and light-colored pants, offset by a flaming red scarf.  Historically, khakis were used as camouflage - so what better way to blend in to the sea of half crazed men running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain?  A pair of the stone Plainsman, equipped with just the right amount of stretch, seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Photo credits Madison Smith Photography

We’re happy to report that Dylan and his PennBilt's returned from Europe relatively unscathed (with the exception of some well earned stains) ready to tell his story.  Bill’s wife Lisa, who manages the marketing for PennBilt, sat down with Dylan to interview him for this article, and after the conversation unfolded - we felt that the true spirit of his adventure is best captured through Dylan’s voice.

So grab your favorite libation, get comfortable, and enjoy this first hand experience this adrenaline pumping account of Pamplona's Running of the Bulls (Dylan Francis style)!

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